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PC Gaming Alliance Releases Newest Horizons Hardware Research
PC Gaming Alliance Releases Newest Horizons Hardware Research. Monday, August 02 2010 01:25 | Author: GameNewswire | PDF Print E-mail. PCGA .

Game Research and Technology
Some aspects of game technology research are well covered elsewhere and will not be duplicated here. For example, all research on computer graphics is .

Game Studies - Issue 1103, 2011
The International Journal of Computer Game Research. Our Mission - To explore the rich cultural genre of games; to give scholars a peer-reviewed forum for .

Game Studies - Computer Games as a Part of Children's Culture
Younger children got assistance from members of the research team. The main areas covered by the questionnaire were use of computer games, social context .

Computer games, media and interactivity - Game Research
May 18, 2006 . To the extent that public and research libraries stock computer games these are very often adventure games. The somewhat modernist Danish .

The PC Gaming Alliance “Horizons Research 2011” Reports Record ...
Mar 5, 2012 . The PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA), a not-for-profit, industry-led consortium dedicated to driving the worldwide growth of PC gaming, today .

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PC Gaming Hardware Market Report - Jon Peddie Research ...
PCs and graphics boards used in Gaming PCs. The Worldwide PC Gaming Hardware Market report series by Jon Peddie Research comes in three versions: .


The PC Gaming Alliance Horizons Research 2011 Reports Record ...
Mar 5, 2012 . The PC Gaming Alliance “Horizons Research 2011” Reports Record in PC Gaming Software Sales of $18.6 Billion.

Center for Computer Games Research
IT University of Copenhagen. Researching game aesthetics, game design, game spaces, game worlds, gaming cultures, and learning in games.

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Computer Game Research
Discussion. Hypothesis 1 : Relationships Between Problem Video Game Playing, Social Skills and Self Esteem. Overall, there were not large and pronounced .

Database research in computer games
Jul 2, 2009 . Database Research in Computer Games. Alan Demers. Cornell University Johannes Gehrke. Cornell University .

PC Gaming Alliance | Research
Gain insights into how and why PC Gaming is surpassing all of the Console revenues combined! To get full research access - become a PCGA member today .

Computer Gaming Resource Toolkit - Microsoft Research
The Computer Gaming Resource Toolkit uses the Microsoft DirectX SDK and the Tablet PC SDK for gaming in combination with papers, coursework, .

Video Game Market Research | Industry Statistics & Analysis – NPD
NPD video game market research and industry trends. . to uncover emerging needs and consumer behaviors and explore video game and PC game trends.!ut/p/c4/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3g3b1NTS98QY0P3IANzA89QR0t3X0dDYzNfY_2CbEdFAKsM9q4!/

Research/Studies/Statistics about Computer Games | Online Gamers ...
Research/Studies/Statistics about Computer Games. These are articles that discuss research/studies and statistics about computer games. Post new Forum topic .

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Learning with Computer Games and Simulations
This Research in Brief article provides an overview of this research, emphasizing how computer games and simulations can best be used to support learning, .

Nielsen research reveals most minutes spent on PC games ...
Aug 20, 2011 . Nielsen research reveals most minutes spent on PC games, consoles in the US. Nielsen's has released a list consisting of the top 10 PC titles .

The State of PC Gaming: The Shift from Packaged Goods to Digital ...
The shift to digital distribution represents a revolution not just in how software is sold, but how consumers want to find, own, and play their games.

Research Directions in Computer Game AI
Why study computer games? • Why study AI in games? • What kind of research is involved? • What has been done in this area? – Local research. – International .

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